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Recently described by Guitar World as the “Jimi Hendrix of Sacred Steel”, Nikki Brown is an electric lap steel guitar phenomenon, melding strikingly vocal-like slide guitar lines with wild and funky wah-infused rhythms creating a sound that is sonically rich, vibrant and uniquely her own. 

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Nikki was born into a Church-based slide guitar tradition known as Sacred Steel and learnt from renowned steel guitar master, Del Grace breathing an infectiously fervent energy into what is a traditional guitar style. To add, Nikki, is a powerful singer and performer with a distinctive approach developed over a lifetime of gospel singing, resulting in a powerfully rich, raspy soul-gospel vocal style delivered with impeccable flare and flamboyancy. 

Nikki’s sisters Gloria (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Belinda (bass guitar and vocals) and cousin Tomika (drums and vocals) share the same deep musical heritage and love of infectious gospel-soul funk- blues music, a sound that has its melodic roots in the Sacred Steel guitar tradition. 

Joining Nikki and the Browns is legendary Australian guitarist and music producer, Dom Turner, of the awarded Australian blues act, Backsliders. 

Dom travelled to Toledo, Ohio in August 2016 to collaborate with Nikki and the Browns on what is a series of slide guitar infused, gospel-soul, funk- blues tunes that demonstrate the kind of magic that happens when two like minded slide guitar tone freaks get together in one place.

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